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The automator is a cloud based multi-tenant service with the purpose of simplifying and accelerating the development of integrations - connecting applications, and inner application automations. It is an affordable middleware that stores automation code on a central platform to remote-control and integrate a variety of applications.

Cloud or on-premises

The automator is available as a cloud service or on-premises.


Event / transaction based integrations: automator

Bulk data integrations: automator - ETL (on-premises software installation may be required)

Development of integrations

The language is JavaScript ES6 based. The development of automations is very efficient and fast due to the extensive automation libraries.

Unique set of features
  • Easy cross application workflow automation

  • High quality SIAM integrations between Service Management tools

  • Front end wizards for any REST API capable application

  • 4me internal workflow automation - basically maintenance free

  • Test driven integrations

Competitive advantage
  • Cost efficient

  • Refinement of libraries for the last 6 years 


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Moderne Stadt

Service management


4me allows an organization’s internal and external service providers to collaborate seamlessly, while the level of service that each party provides is tracked in real time. The unique features that 4me provides for Service Integration and Management (SIAM) dramatically improve the success of selective outsourcing.


The self service capabilities of 4me make it possible for organizations to offer their employees online support for any type of question, issue or order. 4me makes it easy for all functions that support the core business – such as IT, HR and Finance – to increase their support efficiency and, in turn, improve the productivity of all employees.


4me is available as a cloud service. In special circumstances it can be installed on-premisses too.

Unique set of features
  • Only tool that fully supports a service centric approach

  • Seamless integration with other Service Providers without developing expensive interfaces

  • Extensive collaboration capabilities

  • 8 times faster compared to mainstream tools (measured on a 3G connection)

  • KCS based knowledge management

  • Fully fledged CMDB is part of the product


4me, Inc.

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