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Advanced trusts

Business case

Some ITRP customers run the premium ITSM application on-premise for different reasons. The implementation partner and the support Organization of ITRP have their accounts in the cloud. The question is how to pass ITRP related requests to the implementation partner and the support Organization of ITRP?

Automator – advanced trusts

techwork faced the same situation with the setup and its customers. The challenge we faced was to pass requests/tasks from an customer account to our cloud account as flawless as within ITRP (trusts). Hiding the complexity for our customers was of course an additional important factor.


Standard packages

The automator packages that are needed for this are developed in a generic way. You can just plug in the 2 automator packages

  1. Sync – cloud to onpremise

  2. Sync – onpremise to cloud

and experience it working in less than an hour.

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