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Advanced workflows – link changes together

Business case

Workflows for new employees are often time consuming processes. To make it more efficient many organizations trigger a staff inflow change so that every stakeholder is on the same page. Sub changes are executed to get new hardware. This requires the capability to link changes together. In ITRP the automator adds this capability.

Advanced workflows staff inflow.png

ITRP specifics

A staff inflow change is created. That specific change fires sub changes whenever necessary.


The subchanges  run independently and report back to the main change when completed. For instance the “New computer” purchasing request runs its own workflow. When completed it tells the main change that the computer arrived and fires the computer installation task. The computer installation task also reports back to the change. The “Computer installed” checkbox is automatically ticked whenever the task is completed.

That way the “main change request” provides a useful summary what has been done.

A word from an actual customer

This automated workflow has the potential to save up to 30 % of time per “staff inflow request”.

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