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Cancel unnecessary tasks



  1. You already have an ITPR demo account. If not, you can easily request one with demo data.

  2. You already signed up for a techwork automator demo account. If not, goto the registration blog post.

Working with the “Personal computer for new employee” template:

IT user

  1. Login to your ITRP demo account

  2. Login as Pwd: itrp

  3. Click “Submit new request”

  4. Select Service “Personal computing”

  5. Select “Personal computer for new employee”

  1. Press “Save”

IT operations – Change manager

  1. Login to your ITRP demo account

  2. Login as Pwd: itrp

  3. Go to the Records console / Changes

  1. Click on the change “Purchase Request for “Beatrice Baldwin”


Without the automator:


Without the automator 5+ manual steps are necessary.


The unnecessary tasks, “Security badge” and “SAP account” are automatically canceled. The change goes immediately to “implementation” without the delay of manual interference.Standard approachITRP workflow automation benefitPotential savingChange manager has to check the request or change descriptionn/aCompare it with the tasks of the changen/aCancel tasks that are not requiredn/aComplete the „Cancel unnecesary tasks“ taskn/a4 manual steps saved. Potential manual errors eliminated. Potential time delay (CM most likely does not act instantly) eliminated.Change runs through automatically

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