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E-Learning with 2Grips- powered by techwork

Motivated and top trained employees bring a competitive advantage for every company. But often there is not enough time to attend courses or trainings, because the daily work routine simply does not allow it.

2 Grips offers a wide range of courses to support both ITSM beginners and professionals at all levels of their career.

Why don’t you use the time now to improve your skills or refresh your knowledge?

2 Grips offers over 30 online courses and we at techwork give you the chance to receive a promocode that gives you a 15% discount on each course.

Sounds great?

All you have to do is send us a message to and telling us which course you would be interested in. We will then send you the promocode and the next steps for your e-learning course.

Make your choice and expand your skills.

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