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In 4 weeks to a coordinated ITSM

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

With 4me, the automator and the techwork experience a mid-sized company transformed their ITSM from a chaotic/reactive to a coordinated proactive state.

The situation before the engagement

The Servicedesk used an outdated tool missing collaboration functions like mention, watcher, easy knowledge management and a state of the art Self Service.

The effect was that crucial knowledge has been handled outside the tool, mainly via email. The effect of that was that knowledge could not be reused and simple coordination of who is doing what resulted in double work, huge delays and unhappy customers.

The situation after the engagement

All IT teams started to use 4me. They started to use collaboration features right from the go live.That came without training because of its intuitive implementation.

A state of the art Self Service portal reduced the amount of emails from customers to IT significantly. The inbound email capabilities of 4me, transformed the emails to requests anyway.

Coordination problems and double work decreased significantly resulting in happier IT staff and happier customers. Business of course benefits on a daily basis.

Further many self help KM articles helped to reduce the ticket volume.

Are there more things to improve

Of course. We improve and automate workflows and integrations ongoing based on performance data out of 4me. That way we provide evidence about inefficiencies and how we are able to eliminate them.

5 implementation take aways

Use a very simple implementation approach:

  • Always think and plan end to end. Walk in the customer's shoes. Start with the Self Service Portal. Each request starts and ends in Self Service.

  • Make it easy for IT staff members, so that they can focus on fulfilling Requests and not think about where and how to enter comments or how users get informed about completion.

  • Provide KM articles right from the start to reduce the amount of user requests.

  • Automate significant workflows. Introduce a high level of automation for the top 20 % of the most frequently used workflows.

  • Provide training material in the 4me Knowledge base.

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