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ITRP monitor+ demo configuration


  1. You already have an ITPR demo account or a production account. If not, you can easily request one with demo data.

Enabling the ITRP monitor+ in your demo environment:

  1. Login as “”

  2. Password “itrp”

  3. Goto Settings / Custom Links


Enable the subscription function:


The subscription function is not enabled by default. To enable the subscription function you need to go to settings.


In order to send out real emails you need to add a webhook and a techwork automator package (or just use one of the the already implemented “ITRP Monitor Subscription…” packages in the techwork automator demo environment). For an explanation please read the ITRP monitor+ mail subscription package blog post.

Preparing the Webhhook

A “request.update” webhook needs to be added if you don’t have already one.

If not or you don’t know how to do that please follow the instruction in the registration blog post.

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