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Lift the CMDB to a completely new level

The CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) in ITRP can not only be used for ITIL’s definition of a CMDB but also to provide configuration parameters for automator packages. That way you can specify the specifics of your automations in ITRP.

Business case

Especially service forms add major capabilities to ITRP’s Self Service. Recently I released the Service forms blog post. There the automator provides a simple wizard and saves the customer entries in the request module and provides a couple of other automations like adding the person if the person can not be found in the people module and so on.


Advantages of that approach

There are several advantages for ITRP administrators:

  1. Configure the behaviour of Service forms within ITRP

  2. No coding necessary

  3. Maximize the business value with one automator package

Real world examples

  1. Structured surveys

  2. ITRP wizard – step by step easy to use Request Fulfilment front end for customers

  3. CI based Self Service form


Automator service forms can be configured for different purposes by using the ITRP CMDB. That way business benefits can be maximized in an easy way.

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