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Making a request visible in a different "Support Domain"

Business case

You likely experienced a similar situation:

A request has been created with the wrong "Requested for" person or a wrong service - in hindsight. Needless to say that the initial creation may be right but after a couple of iterations it turned out that the request belongs to another Service within another "Support Domain".

The situation:

- You want to make this particular request visible in the correct "Support domain" or "Trusted 4me account"

- Of course, you do not want to create the request again and manually copy and paste many notes, attachments and UI extension fields.

The 4me easy solution:

- Contact the responsible Service Level Manager

- The Service Level Manager creates a SLA, by selecting the original account in the customer field, alongside the Service Instance etc.

- Edit the particular request. Change the Service Instance to the Service Instance of the SLA


The Request is now visible in the target "Support Domain" too, including all UI extension fields. Not a single piece of information is lost.

With the majority of other products, that is simply impossible without loosing some information during the "transfer" from for example "one project" to the "other project".

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