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Service Forms


Service forms enable humans to add information to be processed by their automations. Not knowing what I am talking about?


Let’s take our favourite ITSM tool – ITRP. Assume you want to get information (register a request) from an unknown customer. This makes sense for organizations/teams operating in the Business-to-Consumer space. Via the automator it is possible to create a record of the customer and register what he/she needs.

Ok. We need to provide the possibility to enter that information. Service forms enable the automator to provide forms and process the inputs.


The screenshot shows the minimal information required to register a person in ITRP.

Tired of reading?

I created quickly a wizard where you can register automation ideas as a working example. The purpose is twofold:

  1. You can experience Service forms and the automator right now and completely risk free

  2. We get more ideas what we can/could automate

So, just try it!

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