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Staff outflow: Provide necessary information at a glance


Prerequisites if you like to try it:

  1. You already have an ITPR demo account. If not, you can easily request one with demo data.

  2. You already signed up for a techwork automator demo account. If not, goto the registration blog post.

Business case:

Within a staff outflow workflow one of the tasks is often that the person who leaves has to return Configuration Items like the notebook and the phone. This saves a couple of clicks and provides instantly what needs to be done.


In my example task 21504 is the version without the automator package. The subject of Task 21505 is different. It states the name of the person who needs to return the items. Furthermore the task reflects the CIs assigned to the person.


Configuration time:

10 minutes – with 1 iteration.

The automator package:



These simple packages do not take long to implement but provide significant value for the IT Staff.

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