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Summary pdf for the accounting department


Prerequisites if you like to try it:

  1. You already have an ITPR demo account. If not, you can easily request one with demo data.

  2. You already signed up for a techwork automator demo account. If not, goto the registration blog post.

Business case:

In some organisations the accounting department needs a pdf file after an order has been executed. With ITRP this is easily achievable via an approval task because such tasks send a summary pdf file to the approvers.

However, there is no need for the accounting department to approve or reject something because the goal is simply to get the pdf file in an email – in that sense it is of course a workaround. To achieve this, the automator automatically completes the “Purchase – Order summary to accounting” task automatically, therefore no human interaction is required. In my example this is done via the user “Howard Tanner”. In a live environment we use an “Automation” user instead of “Howard Tanner”. Further we pretend that and “Chet Baker” works in accounting.


The pdf file “Chet Baker” (accounting) gets


The automator package to complete the task automatically

The package is executed whenever the task “Purchase – Order summary to accounting” changes from “Registered” to “Assigned”.

/***** Begin send pdf to the accounting department *****/


if ( == $Summary_pdf_to_Accounting &&
task.audit_is_changed_status && task.audit_new_status== 'assigned') {
note: '``` Completed by automation - Summary pdf sent to Chet Baker ```',
status: 'approved'

/***** END send pdf to the accounting department *****/


This automation package takes 5 minutes to write. Without the automator nobody would probably automate this simple task. Some would probably choose to complete it manually or forward an approval email from someone else.

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