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    Surveys in ITRP | Option 2 Survey Monkey

    In the context of surveys we provide 3 different options:Survey applicationAnonymous results?Approachautomator Service FormNoSurvey result is saved in the custom data field of the linked request. Read more.SurveyMonkeyYesThe automator collects at a configured time the results and stores the aggregated results in a specific ITRP record.Google formsYesSimilar to SurveyMonkey.

    The process

    Design:  is done in SurveyMonkey. Surveys are already beautifully designed and you can use a wide range of components.

    Connect:  SurveyMonkey and the automator need to be connected. Whenever the automator triggers a survey the link to the SurveyMonkey form is sent out to the customer/end-user.

    Get responses: People provide feedback. Details are stored in Survey Monkey. You can start using SurveyMonkey analytics.

    Collect: The automator collects already aggregated results periodically based on your insight needs.

    Gain insights:  The techwork ITRP_reporting solution automatically provides normalized ready to use SQL fields and tables including the collected feedback/survey data. You can instantly use the data in PowerBI, Excel or other Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions.

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