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The 5 Steps to increase the maturity of your Self Service Portal

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

4me Self Service Portal configuration capabilities help you to increase efficiency and effectiveness significantly.

1. Align the Self Service Portal to your corporate design The Self Service configuration features support html and css.Therefore font, logos,

background images and other design features can easily be added.

2. Make the transition from email or phone to the Self Service portal easy If customers/end-users are used to contact the IT department via phone or email, just

provide a simplified “IT request” form on the homepage of the portal.

3. Provide “how to” knowledge documents Reduce the need to actually contact the Servicedesk by providing how to self help

articles. 4me records each search. Therefore staff members can create Knowledge Base

articles based on what people where looking for.

4. Provide structured templates The next step in the Self Service maturity journey is to configure structured templates and

provide the foundation for future automations.

5. Automate extensively Automate time consuming manual tasks first. In a “new hire” workflow, things like creating

the Active Directory Account, the mailbox, provide access to shared folders can easily be

automated. The gain in terms of time is often significant.

Screenshot / 4me-Self-Service-Portal

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