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The simplified structure of the 4me service catalogue - for small organizations

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

International organizations often work with complex and costly service catalogs that use different service instances. At Techwork we work with a predefined set of services as a starting point and refine the specifics in a workshop, which helps even small organizations to reach their goal easily and quickly.

The structure of the service catalogue within 4me contains 4 linked components:

- Service

- Service Instances

- Service Offering

- Service Level Agreement

However, small organizations, often don't have the need to work with different service instances for reasons like:

- They don't have different environments of services with the same functionality

- They don't have different support teams (in different environments)

- They don't maintain different consumer or consumer organizations of a service

(SLA coverage)

- They don't provide the same functionality within different regions

Therefore they maintain a 1:1 relationship between services, service instances,

service offerings and service level agreements.

To simplify the maintenance of this structure techwork provides an automator package that creates the service instance, offering and agreement automatically whenever a new service is entered. This decreases the configuration time of each service of the service catalogue by 5 to 10 minutes and make it easy to introduce new services periodically.

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