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Tired of closing records manually?

The situation

You are most likely familiar with the ITRP sandbox environment (…/ You configure and test new things there. At some point you want to train people with your specific configuration but over time the sandbox became messed up.

Many open test records like Requests, Changes, Tasks are open and need to be closed before a training starts to make it easier for the audience. The challenge you face is to close probably 100s of records manually.

Manually in the automator age?!? Not so much

You simply need to register a Change that triggers the automator package and you are done. After a couple of minutes your sandbox environment looks clean again and your audience does not get lost in test records.


The automator package – main function

The package is straight forward. It checks whether the above change is selected and started. Then it closes all changes and afterward all requests.

Hint: If a change is closed all linked tasks are closed automatically. That way there is no need to loop over open tasks.

(function() {
 if (!firePackage(PKG_SETTINGS.implementationTaskTemplateId,, task.status)) return;
 log('automationTaskTemplateId: ', PKG_SETTINGS.implementationTaskTemplateId);
 log('task Template ID ',;


//Helper functions

Happy training!

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