4me Nexthink Connector

The 4me Nexthink Connector makes it possible for organizations to integrate their Nexthink Digital Employee Experience platform with their 4me account so that hardware, software and experience data is made available in the 4me configuration management database (CMDB).



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Periodic export to a classic master detail SQL database including audit data and the transformation of UI extension fields into a classic SQL Structure.

The data can easily be consumed by:

  • MS Excel

  • MS PowerBI

  • any reporting solution



Add on for 4me

4me webshop

The webshop is built with the automator as an extension to 4me.

Learn more about the web shop and integration:

Add on for 4me, Jira SD

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4me Active Directory integration 

Periodic LDAP synchronization of

  • users

  • groups

  • staff members

  • organizations

  • sites

  • departments

to 4me.



Add-on for 4me

4me Jira Integration


JIRA Software is mainly used by Software development teams. Usually changes from the business side are requested via the ITSM tool. If approved the requested change is transferred to JIRA, the development team picks it up and works according to the specific workflow. On completion, JIRA reports back to the ITSM tool and the customer gets notified.

The synchronisation is bi-directional. Inline and File Attachments are synchronised too.

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4me ServiceNow integration 


This integration makes it possible for 4me customers to collaborate with external service providers that use ServiceNow.

Typically requests and changes get synchronised. Of course, attachments in all forms get synched.


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