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4me Service Management

4me is an IT service management platform that allows you to streamline and enhance your organization's workflows, and it allows you to  facilitate efficiently collaborate with other colleagues, teams and departments.

IT Service Management

4me stands out as the ideal ITSM tool due to its intuitive interface, robust automation capabilities, and unparalleled focus on collaboration, enabling organizations to deliver top-notch IT services with ease and efficiency.

Enterprise Service Management

4me is the ultimate enterprise service management tool, seamlessly integrating IT and non-IT functions within organizations, promoting cross-departmental efficiency, and ensuring a unified approach to service delivery across the enterprise.

Workflow Automation

4me excels as the perfect tool for automating workflows and processes by offering a versatile and user-friendly platform that empowers organizations to streamline operations, reduce manual tasks, and optimize efficiency effortlessly.

Compliance Management

4me helps organizations stay compliant by providing robust compliance tracking and reporting features, automating audit trails, and enabling real-time monitoring of processes, ensuring that regulatory requirements are consistently met and documented with precision.


automator, developed by techwork, is a powerful automation tool that enables 4me customers to take their automations and integrations to the next level. 

Directory Integrations

The integration between 4me and directory services is seamlessly enhanced by the automator. Offering the most efficient solution for automating user provisioning, access management, and data synchronization, like people, organizations and sites. 

Service Management Integrations

automator is as the most cost-effective solution for integrating with external service management tools from suppliers or vendors to your 4me, facilitating effortless interoperability while minimizing integration costs and enhancing collaboration across organizational boundaries.

CMDB Integrations

automator delivers the highest quality CMDB integration for you by leveraging its robust data reconciliation capabilities, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data synchronization for a comprehensive and reliable Configuration Management Database.

Collaboration & Communication Integrations

automator ensures the fastest real-time integration with communication and collaboration tools like WhatsApp, MS Teams, Slack, and others, enabling you to communicate with your colleagues or customers on whatever channel they choose.

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