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affordable, lighting fast and powerful integration automation

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What is the automator

The automator is a cloud based multi-tenant service with the purpose of simplifying and accelerating the development of integrations - connecting applications, and inner application automations. It is an affordable middleware that stores automation code on a central platform to remote-control and integrate a variety of applications.

Deployment Options

On Premises



Improved User Experience

Increased Delivery Performance

Reduced Data Loss

Increased Responsiveness

Applications & Use Cases

Worklow Automation across enterprise applications and services

Integration of Service Management applications to keep records in sync

4me internal workflow automation - basically maintenance free ???
Test driven integrations


Front end wizards for any REST API capable application

Refinement of libraries for the last 6 years

Delivery & Support

How long does it take to setup?

What support models are available?

Customer Examples

Introductory Video

Ready-to-Use Integrations

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